Bison, Sheep, Other Animals

Lewis and Debra Demler






We got caught up in a humongous bison jam.  It took an hour and a half to get through it.  The picture above is a picture of the bison that caused the jam.  This was taken just past the Fountain Flats picnic area.  This picture of a bison calf nursing is from the same herd.  This picture was taken in July, 1999



Bison Calf Nursing at Fountain Flats



This picture of two bison calves was taken at the same time as the one above.  It is the same family.  The second calf was hidden between the two adults.



Bison Calves at Fountain Flats



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Bighorn Sheep


We were going over Dunraven Pass on our way to the Lamar Valley when six bighorn sheep crossed the road in front of us.  This is a picture of two of them.  We could not get setup as there was no place to pull off the road.  The picture was taken from the car in July, 1999.



Bighorn Sheep at Dunraven Pass



This is a picture from the same herd of sheep.



Bighorn Sheep at Dunraven Pass



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Other Animals


We hiked up to Observation Point in order to get a good view of the Upper Geyser Basin.  This marmot was playing in the rocks.  This picture was taken in July, 1999.



Marmot at Observation Point



This chipmunk was also playing in the rocks at Observation Point.



Chipmunk at Observation Point



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