Home of the Yellowstone Wolf

2008 Volunteer Work Trip
to Mississippi to rebuild after Katrina

The other team from our group was assigned to a development in Gulfport. The houses in this development had already been cleaned up and renovated but, unfortunately, the contractors had mixed copper and aluminum wire in the houses. All of the houses had to be gutted again and rewired with all copper wire. The volunteers moved everything from the houses to portable storage units called PODS. They then stripped the walls down to the stud frame. After the electrical rework was completed they hung the wallboard, painted, installed the trim and moved everything back into the houses. I really felt sorry for these people as they had to go through two disasters. The first being Katrina and the second due to bad work by the contractors paid to restore these houses.

All of the homeowners had positive attitudes and accepted this with a smile. The residents helped as much as possible so the work went very well. This bad wiring is a real problem which is common with the early restorations. Our volunteers that went last year were also assigned to do this kind of remedial restoration.

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