Home of the Yellowstone Wolf

Our Little House on the Prairie
Wildfire - February - 2010

On Friday, February 26, 2010, a grassfire spread across approximately 50 acres on the Wineglass south of Livingston near Our Little House on the Prairie. The fire was started by the combination of chimney embers and the wind. Several homes were evacuated for precautionary reasons. Several fire companies, as well as a number of residents responded to the fire. Our neighbor said she looked out her back window and saw a wall of flames heading for her home. Neighbors grabbed anything they could to start breaking up the fire’s advance. The fire was contained in about 45 minutes. No one was injured and no structures were lost although some had minor damage due to the fire. The wind was blowing the fire toward our house but changed so we had no damage. The photos below were taken during the fire. Most are images captured from our webcams with some photos taken by a neighbor. There are some photos taken from our house showing how close the fire actually came. Most of the webcam captures were taken after dark so the quality is very poor.

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