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Harmony Hill's Maggie


Maggie's Vital Statistics

Date of Birth: June 20, 2005

Sire's Name: 

CH Harmony Hill's Notorious

Dam's Name: 

Stormridge's Chaka Khan

Maggie's Comments

Today I went on a long trip to a new home. They put me in a crate for the trip. They stopped every hour or so to let me do my business. After the first stop Deb decided to hold me for a while. They stopped again and Deb gave me to Lew while she went to get something out of the back of the truck. I immediately threw up on Lew's lap. I have not gone on any long trips before and this was too much for me. They put me back in the crate! And I had to stay there the rest of the trip, except for potty breaks.

When we got home, a BIG dog tried to eat my head. Really, she only mouthed my head but to a small girl like me it was traumatic. I got even with her and stole her chew bone. We are all settling in now and I think I will like this place. I may even like that BIG dog!

More Pictures of Maggie

Boy I hate this collar!

Here I am with the knot I stole from Fergie.

Since there are no sheep here,
I have to herd ducks!

Here we are playing tug-of-war with a squirrel.
Fergie wins every time but just wait until I get a little bigger.

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