Packing Lists for Trip to Yellowstone

Summer - Winter

Packing Lists

When planning a trip to Yellowstone, remember the Boy Scout motto "Be Prepared." The weather in Yellowstone is very changeable. In mid-July we have encountered sunshine, rain, wind, hail, sleet and snow, all in a single day. We have had temperatures in the 90s in May and June. While the temperatures may get very cold in the winter, they do not "feel" as cold as they do on the east coast. We have been skiing in shirt sleeves in mid-January.

We use the following lists when we pack for our Yellowstone trips. These lists are for a week long trip, arriving on Saturday and leaving on Sunday of the following weekend. If we stay longer, we plan on a trip to Laundromat. There are, of course, different lists for winter and summer trips. Due to the changeable weather conditions at Yellowstone, we use the summer list for spring and fall trips.

You will notice that the clothing lists are very similar. Only the "toys" change with the seasons. These lists work for us. You will have to adapt them to accomodate your individual preferences.

Summer Lists

  Packing List - Clothing

  Packing List - Equipment

Winter Lists

  Packing List - Clothing

  Packing List - Equipment

Heidi's List

  Packing List - Heidi

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