Yellowstone National Park
A Virtual Tour

Biscuit Basin consists of two distinct groups. The aptly named Old Road Group lies parallel to the route of the old highway through the Upper Geyser Gasin. There are no boardwalks for this group and the only reasonable way to view it is from the old road. The second group is the Sapphire Group. It has also been known as the Main Group and the Soda Group. There is boardwalk access to this group. Biscuit Basin was named for the unusual biscuit-like formations that used to surround Sapphire Pool. These formations were destroyed when Sapphire Pool erupted following the 1959 earthquake.

This is a virtual tour of the Sapphire Group only.

Biscuit Basin

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Avoca Spring Mustard Spring Sapphire Pool Jewel Geyser Shell Geyser Wall Pool Biscuit Basin

Interactive Map of Biscuit Basin

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