Yellowstone National Park
A Virtual Tour

The Mud Volcano Area is very acidic, in contrast with most other hot springs and geysers which are highly alkaline. It is turbulent pools of hot muddy water and the strong smell of hydrogen sulfide gas. Sulphur creates this smell and also gives these mudpots their yellow hues. The Mud Volcano Area is open to the public and has an extensive boardwalk system. Although there are no steps on the boardwalks, steep grades exist making the boardwalk system handicapped accessible only with assistance.

This is a virtual tour of the Mud Volcano and Sulphur Caldron Areas.

Mud Volcano

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Sulphur Caldron Dragon Mouth's Spring Mud Volcano Mud Caldron Grizzly Fumerole Mud Geyser Sizzling Basin Churning Caldron Sour Lake Black Dragon's Caldron Cooking Hillside Mud Volcano and Sulphur Caldron

Interactive Map of Mud Volcano

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