Yellowstone National Park
A Virtual Tour

This page is the Gateway to a Virtual Tour of Yellowstone National Park. Click on the different road segments for information about the features found in that section of the park. Click on the names of the major features for a short tour of that feature.

This Virtual Tour of Yellowstone is currently under development. If you find any blind links, that is just because that section of the tour has not been completed. Please stop by often, as new sections will be added as they are completed.

Feedback is encouraged and will be appreciated. If you find anything that is not correct, please let us know. If you would like to expand on any of the descriptions, we will be glad to include it.

We hope you enjoy this Virtual Tour as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Yellowstone National Park

Use your mouse to link to detailed maps and feature information.

Bridge Bay Lake Fishing Bridge West Thumb Grant Mud Volcano Firehole Lake Drive Fountain Paint Pot Midway Geyser Basin Black Sand Basin Biscuit Basin Old Faithful Mammoth Madison Tower/Rosevelt Mammoth to North Entrance Norris Geyser Basin Northeast Entrance to Tower East Entrance to Lake South Entrance to Grant West Entrance to Madison Tower to Canyon Mammoth to Tower Mammoth to Norris Canyon to Norris Canyon to Lake Grant to Lake Old Faithful to Grant Canyon Norris to Madison Old Faithful to Madison

Interactive Map of Yellowstone National Park

Use this interactive map to get information about the specific areas of the park you plan to visit. Click on the areas that interest you. You will be taken to pages with more detailed maps, area trip planners, and links to park features.

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