Yellowstone National Park
A Virtual Tour

The West Thumb Geyser Basin consists of three distinct groups. The Potts Hot Spring Basin is the northernmost section with the Lake Shore Group further south. The Potts Hot Spring Basin and the Lake Shore Group are not accessible to the public. The Lower Group is the southernmost section. It is the only group that is open to the public and has an extensive boardwalk system. Although there are no steps on the boardwalks, steep grades exist between Twin Geyser and Abyss Poll making the boardwalk system handicapped accessible only with assistance.

This is a virtual tour of the Lower Group only.

West Thumb Geyser Basin

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Seismograph and Bluebell Pools Thumb Paint Pots Lakeside Spring Beach Geyser Lakeshore Geyser Fishing Cone Big Cone Black Pool Abyss Pool Twin Geyser Blue Funnel Spring Ephedra Spring Perforated Pool Percolating Spring Ledge Spring Surging Spring Thumb Geyser Collapsing Pool Fumeroles Painted Pools Central Basin West Thumb Geyser Basin

Interactive Map of West Thumb Geyser Basin

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